An integral element of our sensitivity to marine environmental issues is our awareness that marine leisure activities can affect the bio- diversity of our estuaries, shores and local sea areas used by boat owners. Looe Boat Owners Association (LBOA) is committed to the protection of our estuaries, seas, local marine areas and wildlife. Looe Boat Owners will: a) Work with other agencies, organisations and bodies having similar objectives concerning the protection and conservation of the marine environment b) Make members aware of their responsibility to protect the marine environment and wildlife c) Encourage members to act in a responsible manner particularly in respect of: The observance of local controls and regulation regarding marine protected areas Controlling the spillage of oils, antifreeze and other materials common to boat usage and general maintenance, that may be hazardous to the marine ecosystem The discharge of pollutants or the improper disposal of rubbish, refuse, waste and effluent that may be harmful to wildlife Good housekeeping practices to prevent pollutants arising from projects to maintain a boat’s appearance or utility (such as paint chips, cleaning materials and repair materials etc.) from entering the water. Looe Boat Owners Association encourages all boat owners to be environmentally responsible and to actively promote the prevention of pollution to the water that we swim in, fish in and boat on and protect our harbour with our annual harbour clean. Policy adopted 23 February 2015
Join us in “Take 3” As part of our environmental ethos the association is adopting the universal campaign “Take 3”. This involves taking home 3 pieces of plastic/rubbish as well as your own waste when you are anywhere in public spaces. ie. On the water, on the beach, and on the land, and then disposing of it responsibly. We encourage our members to take part in this worthy campaign and contribute towards protecting our environment.
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Environmental Protection Policy

Looe Boat Owners annual harbour clean