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How can I stop someone...

Pinching my accessories? Stealing my engine? Vandalising my boat? Taking my boat or dinghy?

Looe Boat Watch

Join Looe Boat Watch to…

Get advice on securing your boat Have your boat and engine details registered with the police Benefit from our partnership with other organisations
Looe Boat Owners Association was formed in 2002 and soon became well established in the town and surrounding area. Then, after a series of boat related crimes in 2007 the club started Looe Boat Watch, formed after consultation and in partnership with Devon and Cornwall Police. Since its formation Looe Boat Watch has successfully contributed towards virtually eliminating boat related crime in Looe. Looe Boat Watch is fully supported by Looe Harbour Commissioners, Cornwall County Council and boating businesses within Looe and we have over 20 Boat Watch warning signs all around the Harbour and the river. Occasional patrols also take place, especially during busy periods.

Join Us

By joining LBOA for just £15 family membership per annum, you are automatically enrolled in Looe Boat Watch at no extra cost. The details you provide of your boat and equipment when joining will be added to a register of owner’s boats. This register is also copied to the police so that owners can be identified and suspects challenged. We provide: Boat Watch decals for your boat (or car) Hi-viz Boat Watch vests for members to wear whenever possible, to reinforce our presence. Guidance notes on what to do if you spot anything suspicious or problems on moorings. Contact can be either through our Contact Us page or our Looe Boat Watch co-ordinator on 01503 262 704. So JOIN NOW to protect your boat and help keep Boat crime out of Looe.